Monday, February 15, 2010

The reason i watch the Olympics...

I have a small Olympic crush on Apolo Anton Ohno.


All I have to say is "yum-ohno"

Monday, January 18, 2010


I finally watched it. And all I can say is YACK! I think I'll never eat again unless I grow it and tame it myself. Okay, maybe not... but I probably will be a lot more picky at the market!
Ammonia flavored food filler??? Are you kidding me?
Anyone want to help me grow a garden this year?
Did I tell you my neighbor has chickens in his back yard? Three of them... they're beautiful speckled hens. I'll ask if I can take a photo and share it...

Did you miss me?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am alive...

I realized it's been a couple of weeks since I posted. And, although there are no pictures yet, I want you to know I'm alive. It's been a crazy month for me consisting of packing, moving, sending my Accord to Honda Heaven (yes, I was in a Labor Day car accident), healing, more moving, unpacking, and car shopping. And I'm no where near finished.

BUT!!! My new place is beautiful! My bruises and friction burns are healing quickly! And I stole a quick test-drive over my lunch hour today. All in all, the month will work itself out.
The Lord works ALL THINGS together for good for those that LOVE HIM!
I'll post a couple photos when the dust has settled and when I have my computer and my cameras together in one place.
Love until then...
Estee Renee

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Need to hire...

I'm moving... to a fabulous flat in a 124 yr-old Victorian home. Gorgeous wood floors. Super high ceilings. And a large kitchen. Not to mention... no midget shower anymore!!!

To celebrate, I picked out these two lovely things to add to my happiness. I will have this butcher block on casters, counter height, and large enough to work on. Someday... Wanna come roll out pie crusts and bake cookies with me?
And this shiny gem will hold all my lovely pans. I can't wait to settle. To nest. To live.
...and to invite everyone over for coffee! I'll show more as the day approaches...

Monday, August 31, 2009

Today's program brought to you by the number...

and the best of all... serving the finest breakfast in Omaha...

and by the way. 11. eleven. ten plus one. two ones beside each other. not quite twelve. eleven. 11. the number of pounds lost so far somewhere in the abyss of weight watchers. eleven.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bon Appétit

Sur la Table is my haven. My inspiration. My wonderland. My candystore. My lunchtime ritual. They know me by name and they possibly have my bank account memorized. Not that I give it out regularly. Just yesterday. And a couple days ago. Nothing more than a dough scraper and a Silpat, I promise!!!

Now they've married themselves with the likes of the Julia-crazed and are passing new favorites under my nose for consideration. How can I ever pass up such timeless tools of the trade? How? How?? How???
I'll take one of these. And one of these...
And most definitely one of these...

That'll be all for now. My balance just slipped and I think I might have had a fainting spell... Nothing that a little Boeuf à la Bourguignonne wouldn't fix. I'll get on that.

Bon appétit. Au revoir. Merci.